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Character meme

Journal Entry: Mon May 15, 2017, 6:25 PM
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The other day I came across a meme. Of course there were stupid questions so I have removed those and improved on it.  So here are the questions. Thought it would be nice to put this to my guys.

1. Your Persona

That would be "Mr. Scary"   Bringer Of Light by Thagirion Scary Fear is the character that best represents me at the moment. Not only is he my current fave character but I do relate to him on many levels.  He's gone through many changes over the years and still is in a state of flux only becoming more awesome with each one. I've got two major drawings in the works with him right now as well as some started comic pages. For a long time Owen Marsh was my persona. He is an ENTJ personality and technically the closest to my type.  Then for a while it was Leeanix. As an INTP there is only one letter difference but I could just never relate to her. She was too nice and tolerant and technically one of my few good characters.  So though she looks just like me she's really not like me at all.  I really don't know how she puts up with George. I would treat him very differently. I'd be nasty to him if he were real and that would be the end of me. Now Fear is also an INTP but he is evil and darker.  He's also an introvert so in that regard he fit me way better than Owen or Leeanix.  I don't have an INTJ characters so far and I find interesting that I do relate better to my INTP characters.  Plus I have the ability to inadvertently frighten people in real life which is something I have very much enjoyed exploring with Fear in the Triangulum Resistance story line.

2. The one that makes you smile

That would be Fear again but I guess I'll pick someone else.  Ophidius Slith. Resplendent Ophidius Front by Thagirion  An evil ENTP trickster god. He's actually the demon Quetzalcoatl and third in command of Hell. No matter what he does he's rather funny in a dark twisted way. He's unpredictable and you can't trust him even if he calls you friend because he's insane and also a god of madness. Basically any story with him is rather hilarious.  So yes he is the joker that always brings a smile to my face. :D

3. The Odd. Not sure why you have them.

Gord Craven. Gord Character Sheet by Leeanix A former FC he's very difficult to write for as an OC now.  He's meant to be an enemy for Fear in Thagirion Realm but the story is so different now that Gord is an actual human being that he's hard to write for. He's still a bit of a complex character but his role in this is so short. I don't want that. I'd love to do more with Gord as I sense he has potential but I'm not getting anywhere. Seems in this story his first encounter with Fear will also be the last.

4. The fancy one. Flashiest/Prettiest

Ophidius's true form Quetzalcoatl. Summers Rain by Thagirion  Both forms are all about color, flash, gaudiness and looking as nice as they think they can. Though Ophidius knows he's ugly and is very proud of this. Because of this Quetz is one of my hardest characters to draw and color along with Thagirion himself.

5. The rare one. One you don't use often but is important.

Jerone Thanatos. How Thanatos Carves His Pumpkins by Thagirion  ESTP. He's an important character but I just can't wrap my head around him as he's just so different from me. I know he's some part of me I just haven't figured out which part after all these years.  He's probably the character I've drawn the least. That must change as he does have an important role to play with George Smith later on.  Thanatos is the CEO of the international corporation Thanatos Industries.  It's main business is gun running though it covers that up by dabbling in a bit of everything.  Thanatos loves guns and is a weapons expert (Something I am not so it's hard for me to write a character that loves something I know so little about) He because rivals and then enemies with Davon Flare and his company later in the story.

6. The new one

I was going to write Gord.  But actually he's not my newest character anymore. My newest characters would have to be the two Ancients Life and Death.   Dawn Of Fear Cover by Thagirion  Like their brother Fear they play an important role in all my stories.  And there are others I have yet to design so the sibling family will be growing. For now I am enjoy exploring these two and how they affect everything. Sibling rivalry at the highest levels of the universe.

7. The powerful one

That would be Thagirion.   The Sorrion Song by Thagirion This skeletal demon is the creator of all and also devil to most worlds in his universe.  His human form is Davon Ember Flare and I had to tone down his powers to even be able to use him in stories.  His reason for this is he got bored of conquering and destroying worlds so easily with his great powers. It was more of a challenge to lower himself to the level of planetary life forms. So on the Earth which he mold himself he put this rules on himself to make things more challenging and fun. I chose this older drawing because not only is it still good but Sorath is also in it. Sorath is the sun god from the Sol system and second in command of Hell. But being Thagirion's fave he's also technically second in the universe surpassing even the Ancients in rank though not in power.

There we go. Anyone that wants to take this meme and use it with their characters feel free.

I've started coloring my first decal for my Jeep. If you guys haven't seen my LJ please check it out as I would like some advice on some things. I hope I can get that done as soon as possible so I will work on it everyday. I'm quite happy with how well things are going. I'm currently planning out a major vacation I will be taking soon. I'm very excited about it and look forward to taking lots of photos when I go.  That's all for now.

Jeep Art

Journal Entry: Sat May 6, 2017, 6:00 AM
Hey everyone. Figured it was time for another journal post.   I've been very busy running errands doing jobs and other things like that. I won't bore you with it. So I haven't had much time for art or felt like doing art when I get home. But I have been keeping up with commenting on your uploads so all is well on that end at least. But that may all be changing soon as I am getting a new idea that is very exciting to me.  Before things got super crazy for me last year I was working on a boat decal project. That was put on hold and kind of forgotten.  Well you guys know I plan to eventually paint my Jeep in the JP colors.  I know it will be expensive and I will definitely save up for it. I'm still paying the Jeep off and feel I shouldn't jump into some permanent changes like a paint job just yet though it's super tempting.  BUT I'm considering making some temporary changes to it.  I want to draw some art of Fear for the hood and the doors have that done.  Chris suggested to use some of my best art. Yes very tempting to do that and the easy way out really. Stormcrow would work great for that.  But no.  I want to make something totally new and wicked for the hood.  I have to measure and get the right dimensions so I know what my canvas size will be. So I would like some advice and ideas from my friends for a cool pose because I'm having a hard time visualizing it. I do know I want him frightening and wicked. This is Fear after all.  Perhaps I will remake Crawling From Hell since that one needs to have the mouth be longer.  Like in Dawn of Fear. But those are some of the most wicked teeth I've ever drawn on Fear.  But I would like his wings to show nicely and since he's crawling that won't work. They'd have to be angled back like in StormCrow and I don't think that would work for a hood art.  So yes I'm open to suggestions from friends on a cool pose.  Feel free to even draw stick figures to explain what you mean. I need to think of a cool dynamic wing pose for this a well as some art for the doors and sides.  The problem with his big broad wings is that in some poses they would cover his body so I'm limited on that in a way.

Doing this would cost way less the paint job and satisfy me to have my Jeep be unique other than just another black Jeep.  The bad thing is that when it comes time to do the paint job I'll have to remove all the art and destroy my beautiful work.  That will suck. I've also considered the possibility I might fall in love with the Fear art and my Jeep will never become Jurassic Park. I can't have that happen. I can't have a 20+ year dream get kicked out. Fear I love you but you'd better not do that.  So yes I must take lots of pics and keep in mind in the end it will all be destroyed.  So that's the dilemma.

In other news. My bluebird pair has done great this year.  They've raised up five babies to flying age though most seem to refuse to leave the box. If they are still in there today I'll try to get pics from the hole but I haven't dared open the box because I don't want them jumping out prematurely because of me.  Still they look way too big and seem to have gone past the age of fledging. I think one of the parents needs to go in there and kick them out. So that's about it. Exciting stuff in the works.  I might edit this journal if I upload the pics so be sure to watch for that.

EDIT: Here are pics of the baby bluebird and the video.

Baby begging by Sorath-Rising Almost out by Sorath-Rising

Easter was good

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 2:39 PM
I had a very nice day this past Easter. It was quiet and relaxing.  Chris had the day off and though we still did some work it was low key and easy paced.  We finished watching the South Pacific documentary series on Netflix and that was very fun.  It's to the point that I rarely learn anything new from documentaries since I'm so read up over the years.  This one did show some things I did not know and that got me quite pleased to gain some new knowledge.  I have some pics I wish to share.

Female blue bird in box by Sorath-Rising Passion fruits by Sorath-Rising Jacaranda blooms this year by Sorath-Rising

The blue birds are nesting in our box again. I hope they can raise some babies this year.  My Jacaranda tree is finally blooming if only a little bit.  And I've got some passiflora fruits growing on the fence.  I love passiflora flowers because they look like galaxies to me complete with  massive black hole at the center.

More flowers on Jacaranda by Sorath-Rising Easter gifts 1 by Sorath-Rising Easter gifts 2 by Sorath-Rising

Another view of some of the flower clusters. The last two pics are of the cute gifts Chris got me this year for Easter. I was so happy with the cute plush chick and the animal shaped eggs. I have yet to open the eggs but I will do that soon because they are so adorable.  I'm so easily amused by things like this.

I am working on a new Easter piece. It will be super late but it should be nice once it's done.  So hopefully it won't take me as long as I think.

Love/Fear Relationships

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 14, 2017, 5:12 PM
I want to talk about Love/Fear relationships.  I was talking to :iconrahula87: today about a documentary series I am watching on Netflix. It's called South Pacific and I'm really enjoying all the gorgeous islands.  Episode 3 showcased Sperm Whales and the amazing story of the Essex whale ship that was sunk by a massive sperm whale.  That true story inspired the famous book Moby Dick which is one of my all time fave books if not my fave book ever. Fiction wise that is.  I really don't read much fiction but that is a great exception.  I mostly read fact science books.  Anyway I do have a love/fear relationship with sperm whales. They are my favorite type of whales and the largest vertebrate predators in the sea.  I also fear them.  Again here fear is a very misunderstood thing because when we hear that word we think of something that scares of or being a coward.  You can be afraid without being a coward. There are rational fears and creatures and situations you should fear.  I love and admire these whales for being so big, so powerful, having amazing abilities to dive deeper and longer than any other whale.  And these very amazing things that one should admire also makes them creatures to be feared or perhaps more accurately respected.   Fear and respect go hand in hand and there can be a fine line between these two things as is already becoming evident in my comic on my other account. Many of us love predatory or dangerous animals because we also fear/respect them.  It's not a phobia we don't freak out when we see them but I know better than to get close to a venomous snake if I see one.  I have encountered them in the wild and know what not to do.  That's respect and a healthy fear.  Back to our conversation. I found it very interesting that it was sperm whales that were brought up in th conversation when I remembered a very cool quote on this very subject from Moby Dick.

I will have no man in my boat," said Starbuck, "who is not afraid of a whale." Bye this, he seemed to mean, not only that the most reliable and useful courage was that which arises from the fair estimation of the encountered peril, but that an utterly fearless man is a far more dangerous comrade than a coward

-Moby Dick Chapter 26.

Starbuck was the first mate.  In the TV movie with Patrick Stewart I love that then Flask adds to this, "And I'll have no man in my boat that is."  Make it seem that poor Ishmael was screwed no matter who's boat he went in with.  This was never in the book but it was described how Flask the third mate was so different from Starbuck going after whales headlong with no fear.  Good thing they all had their own boats to command when the time for whaling came.

Anyway point is Starbuck's quote is right as a fearless man is very dangerous and stupid. Hence the fine line between bravery and stupidity the difference of which is measured by success of failure.

For those of you outside of the US here is the info on the documentary South Pacific.…

So to my friends. What love/fear relationships do you have if any?

April and the 8 facts post

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 1, 2017, 5:56 AM
Ok time for another journal update. It's been a long time and a lot has happened. First of all I'm sorry to just disappear without warning. That's not like me and something would have to happen that was very drastic for me to do that. Well it did. You guys know I had surgery at the start of the year.  It's taken me months to recover and then around the time I posted the gift art for AudeS I had a relapse and had to go to the ER again.  Another crazy thing that happened was that over the last months I have been in the process of some legal issues.  Those have finally come to a close and I came out on top.  And I have also been in the process of selling my second house over the last several months.  All these things over lapped into a majorly stressful time in my life. To the point I was still making business calls and deals from the hospital bed. :roll:  I did sell my house. First time selling a house and I'm quite pleased about that.  Health wise I think I am ok now.  I would love to say I am fully recovered but I am not sure.  I do feel loads better and don't see going back except for normal check ups.  And now I am dealing with something big in my life. It's potentially good. My closest friends know about this and I'll talk about it if things turn out well.  So that may keep me away again. I just don't know yet. So many unknown factors right now. But for now yes I am posting again as much as I can because I'm not sure what kind of time I have. I have been having loads of fun as I have so many great ideas. I'm quite proud of the difficulties I have faced and how well I handled the situation.  I faced death and came out well for it.

So today is April 1st and my friends have flooded my inbox with ugly pears.  I find it amusing that we all hate it but still did it anyway because of the stupid badge. When I saw all the pears I thought something stupid was going on and I would not participate no matter what. Then I found out it was a new badge. Oh darn it!  Hehe.  Well I guess I did then after all and got the badge for all my accounts.  I remember when that pear came out in 2006 though I did not know it had origins here on DA. I was here on DA back then but well you know I don't pay attention to trends or fads.  I read the description on the original art and found it funny that it eats birds and concluded that perhaps that is why we all fell for it despite our strong wills. We all are birds, have birds or have bird like characters.  For me it's Scary Fear as my ravenoid, and a few budgies and a bird character I have never drawn in color. Speaking of Scary Fear let me lay this to rest once and for all. You've seen the changes to him I have made. He's been changing ever since I created him. His character sheet has been updated and revised at least 7 times and will continue to change. As Fear Itself he needed to be more frightening in appearance. So now he has black skin, a raven like nose and more hairs that show how he is linked to Life and Death as a force of nature. The stories based on Charlie will be only on my other account so there should be no confusion between that story line where he is a limited being to one man's mind and Scary Fear who is true Fear and terror for all life on this account. I have stuff in the works for both. I love my original version better of course as so much power and so many stories can be unleashed.  And there is also a third storyline that is a subsection of Thagirion Realm but also a cross over with Gamma-Wing's stories.  The Triangulum Resistance is a collab of a fictional RPG video game.  It's sci fi based and features her Korsho and Paul and my George Smith and Scary Fear as the main characters of that story.  Yes lots in the works for that story too.  All three stories are very long, deep and complex so for those of you that are new read the back stories or you will be lost.

Ok so Gamma asked me to list 8 facts about Gord.  I need to develop him. He's an interesting villain after all. Let's see if I can think of eight things for him.

1. Full name is Gordon Craven.  But everyone calls him Gord. You'd never know his first name is Gordon.  He even prefers to be called by the familiar version as just Gord. His last name means Coward and from birth he has been tied to Fear. I still need to come up with a middle name for him.

2. Gord was originally going to be a scarecrow. I first created Gord as a fan character for the sequel to FBTF and as a new deadly enemy for Scary Fear.  At the time I thought it would be great to have Fear fight a scarecrow.  And then I came across one fatal flaw. Scarecrows are super weak to fire. When Anger showed up it would be over way too fast.  So that was annoying and I had to scrap the scarecrow idea.  I never even got to drawing a design. But perhaps I can use the concept somewhere else in the future.

3. Gord is now a real human as he is now also part of Thagirion Realm. His origin is that he is someone that has lived in fear all his life.  He does have his phobias of fear of heights and fear of birds but they do not factor in much in this version as Scary Fear already has wings from his very origin and he has not been directly involved in Gord's life. He's just an influence as he affects all living beings.

4.  Gord is ENFJ.  He's an idealist and from the way he's suffered through his early life he thinks that the world would be a better place without fear. He thinks Fear is a bad thing only. A thing that frightens and needlessly terrorizes. A thing that is irrational and makes people do irrational things. He is only half right. He takes to heart Gandhi's quote "Fear is the real enemy. Some people think it is hate. It is not. It is Fear."  

5. Gord is ugly. He's fat, disproportionate, has freckles and pock marks and has horrible crooked flat teeth.  He was picked on as a kid because of this which didn't help his fear issues any.  And as an adult people feared him based on his looks alone. It was very difficult for Gord to make friends. Plus he developed a bad attitude that made things even worse.  This is very difficult for an extrovert and Gord does want to be popular and be loved. He wants hundreds of friends but his behavior puts people off.

6.  Gord became a physiologist and became interested in studying how fear affects people.  He hopes to find the cure for fear and through this win scientific prizes and become a world renowned hero.  Perhaps he can bring about world peace through all this. Yes, like I said he's crazy idealistic. And dangerous because he began to experiment on humans in secret, hurting and even killing some of his subjects all in the name of the cause. It's for the greater good.

7. Gord's experiments might end up catching the attention of some of the most powerful forces in nature.

8. I can't think of something for this point. I guess 7 is all there is for now without major spoilers. Gord is one of my newest characters and still in development.  So I have to think about him still.

Ok now I want to share some photos of what has been going on.

Dolphin and Anhinga by Sorath-Rising Samsung Galaxy S3 home screen by Sorath-Rising Sure sign of spring by Sorath-Rising

I love this photo Chris took of a cormorant and a dolphin right here in the Tampa Bay area.   My new tablet that I hope will replace my laptop when I travel. Will make things MUCH lighter for me and less to carry. Two baby Sandhill cranes.  Spring is finally here and I am seeing signs of spring like this.

Sandhills feeding by Sorath-Rising Bullet At Vet by Sorath-Rising Aprilfool2017-1 by Sorath-Rising

Baby crane and parent.  Bullet got her portrait done while waiting at the vet.  And my crummy entry for the Pear Badge. I think it's funny enough to share despite it being bad.


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 6:00 AM
This is inspired by Gamma's journal.  I too am soon to hit 100,000 views. I don't usually care about that but well that is a rather triumphant milestone.  So what I plan to do is give out 3 months of premium membership to any friends that get a screen cap of that.  This is for friends only so if you're on my widget on my profile page you can participate.
I'm still not back.  I am still spending a lot of time in bed and resting. I'm looking forward to going to my follow up next week and find out how my health is doing.  Thanks for all the comments on the last journal. I have read each and every one and I will get around to responding once I am better.  I am enjoying finding movies on Netflix during this down time. I'm also working on art as well.  Mostly sketches.  Since many of you had an interest in The Pirates movie I mentioned last time here's the info on it from Amazon.…

I also watched a series called Canada's Worst Drivers. Now usually I hate reality shows but this one caught my interest because it was about driving.  Oddly enough they had it listed as seasons 1-2 but the host said it was seasons 8 and 9.  Not sure why they did that. Anyway, it was very scary actually and sad.  I don't why they tried to teach these people to drive in nice cars like Camaro and Mustangs.  Poor cars.  The contestants were very scary and most should not be allowed to even touch a car. Though I thought some of the obstacles and tests weren't fair. They were too hard and not real road conditions they'd face and too difficult for their skill level.  But some couldn't drive forward in a straight line it was that bad.  The host was funny and blunt honest so I liked him.
I'm also discovering Korean films and I have been impressed with the special effects in some of them. I think they have skills as movie makers and they are very unnoticed. So far everything I've seen takes place in the past though and is about swords and martial arts.  I'd like to see how they handle a movie set in modern times.

Ok that's all for now. I might post some sketches once I fill out the page but we'll see.

EDIT: I was reminded that the views are getting close to the 100k.  So if you're on my friends list, basically if you're a member of the raptor pack, I will give a 3 month membership to the person that gets the 100k as a screen cap or the one who gets closest.  You can put it in your and note it to me.  I'm still quite sick though and not on much.  Chris will be checking my accounts so if anyone gets it he'll let me know. Good luck.

Was in surgery

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 12:58 PM
Greetings friends and foes. Most of my closest friends here know what's been going on because Chris has been keeping them in formed. I have seen all your comments on his post and want to say thank you so much for them.  They mean a lot and well I have always known what awesome friends I have. So here's a short version of what happened. Last Saturday I started getting a stomach pain in the late morning.  It felt just like food poisoning so I thought I could ride it out.  I had had eggs that morning and thought the eggs had been bad for me.  It kept getting worse and I told Chris to come home that it was hurting too much.  It got so bad he decided to take me to the ER.  We live very close to the hospital so that was a short drive.  I'm so glad we had the wheel chair from when I had had those back problems.  Because I hadn't had any vomiting they didn't think I had food poisoning. That and the fact Chris ate the eggs too and didn't get sick.  They wanted to do a CAT scan so after thinking about it I decided to go ahead with that.  It was rather neat and I enjoyed being wheeled about in the bed to the room with the machine. I enjoyed talking with the guy that did the scans. It was a nerdy conversation about how CAT scans are also used to scan fossils and make 3D models of objects and how technology has come a long way.  The hallway on the way in had awesome art work painted on it of Florida swamps and habitats.  The CAT scan room had all these native trees and sky painted on it even on the ceiling. Despite being in pain I was enjoying this new experience.

The results came back later and the doctor told me it was my Appendix and it had to come out.  They said it's good I caught it in the early stages. They were ready to do it that night.  So around midnight I went in for Larascopic Apendectomy.  I found it interesting that I was only mildly afraid. I didn't feel afraid until they were about to start.  One interesting thing was one of the attendants asked me to open my mouth and told me I had a small jaw.  I go, "This is for the breathing tube isn't it?"  He looked surprised and goes, "How did you know about breathing tubes?"  He asked.  I told him I'm a biologist and read a lot.  I know what he was psychologically trying to do. Ask me an indirect question to keep me from being afraid, but I knew what he was up to. I was actually curious about what the procedure was.   I was given anesthetics and an hour and a half later I woke up to fuzzy visions and told the operation was a success.  One of the first things I noticed was that I was in a different room.  So I had been moved while still under. I had lots of heavy blankets on me.  I think my body temp which is naturally low much have dropped during the procedure and I wondered if the doctors had panicked.  I get cold easily and one of my first requests was for socks.  Oh btw, I ended up with three pairs of free socks from the hospital. They were warm and neat and I was happy about that.  Also it was just like in the movies the way the lights go by over head and sometimes you see the face of a nurse look down at you. The operating room was like an alien spaceship with the big lights over the table and all kinds of neat looking machines all around.  Ok so when I woke up in that other room one of the first things I noticed was that my throat was all screwed up.  I'm very small so I think the tubes they used were too big. I was very scratched up and could not talk. I could only whisper and even that was hard. I asked for my husband and they told me he was  in the waiting room outside and I'd see him soon.

Poor Chris he was so upset and stressed over this too.  He slept in the waiting room.  The doc told him to go home and get some rest. I stayed the night in the hospital.  I was being given pain meds through IV as well as anti biotics. The five incisions in my tummy are small so it was rather non invasive as can be for something like this.  The doc said my appendix looked like a medium angry shrimp.  It had to do.  Chris came to see me the next morning and I was released in the afternoon.  I was hurting a lot but had been prescribed pain pills.  Everyone at the hospital was nice and I felt comfortable there. I grew up in a family of doctors so I had no problems with being in hospitals as I grew up around them.  I've never been afraid of doctors.  In fact I used the opportunity to show of my knowledge and have some fun conversations.  They loved my micbroes and my Fear that I brought with me as well as the art on my phone.

So for the past week I have been at home in bed recovering. It has not been easy. I have had lots of pain despite the medicine and been very weak. I've had to regain my strength and basically learn to walk again.  I still think this year is off to a good start though despite this.  The reason is I've always had tummy problems all last year. I thought it was odd I got food poisoning so much but now I think it wasn't that but an infection building up to this event. Now with the appendix removed and once I recover I think those problems will stop.  Good to have this happen now and get health stuff out of the way because I have big plans for this year.

I've enjoyed my down time though.  Chris and I have been together a lot and we've been watching cartoons and movies. Mostly super hero stuff.   We've grown closer because of this. My voice came back about three days later.  I've been enjoying my new phone through all this too. I'm not officially back but I have been reading what you guys say though I can't comment.  Chris reads to me and he keeps my inbox from over flowing.  On that note, to my friends, please do not send me any unnecessary stuff. I'm treating this like a vacation and just been deleting everything.  Or he has.  So I'll let you know when I can  catch up on posts and such. Right now I'm lying in bed with the laptop but can't do this very long. Strength's already fading. But I had to update you guys on what's been going on.  I may have over done it today. I felt very good so I wanted to go out since I haven't gotten out in seven days.  Chris took me to Red Lobster and met with a friend.  Was kind of a business meeting actually.  But then I got weak and tired.  Luckily we had brought the wheelchair.  First time using one in a restaurant but yeah still can't walk very far.  I was beat by the time we got home and now I need to stay down the rest of the day.

As far as movies go I found a hilarious one on Netflix just called The Pirates.  It's an Asian film with English subtitles about a whale that swallows the Emperor's royal seal and a bounty is placed in the whale's head. Pirates go after the whale and so do these inept bandits that know nothing about sailing.  It was under action so I had no idea this was a comedy but I really enjoyed it. The special effects were very good so that was a surprise.

Ok guys. I have missed you all but I must leave again.  I need another week of rest.

Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2016, 6:05 AM
Current Mood: Good

I know I'm a day early but I couldn't wait to do this New Year's journal. Plus it's the 31's somewhere at this time. Ah, Auckland New Zealand has it now.  I love this clock ap on my phone that shows the world and the shadow of night and day. :love:  Ok so you guys can do this meme too that I wrote up a few years ago. The questions are here. Please give me credit if you use it and link to the original post here End of the Year Meme1. What did you do this past year that you have never done before?
2.  Did you keep your new years resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
4. Did anyone close to you die?
5. What new states or countries did you visit. If not new did you travel for fun?
6. What would you like to have in the new year that you lacked in this past year?
7. What dates from this year remain etched in your mind and why?
8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
9. What was your biggest failure?
10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
11.  What was the best thing you bought?
12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
13. Whose behavior made you appalled?
14.  Where did most of your money go?
15. What did you get really excited about?
16. What do you wish you’d done more of?
17. What do you wish you’d done less of?

I have already filled in mine on LJ so if you're on there please comment. HERE.

It's long and didn't want to stretch the journal page here.

OH darn looks like it's time to fill out the end of the year art in review too. I just saw that in the description so I guess I will be doing some art this year. I think I'll post it to this account then.  I know I won't finish anything new by tomorrow so may as well start on that too.

Art Year In Review Meme by Leeanix

Ok now that the New Years stuff is out of the way I want to share a video I found on youtube that I really liked.  It's about smart people have few friends.  Well really the reason is that most of them are introverts and introverts tend to be smarter than extroverts.  But the guy makes some valid points.  I am a very smart person having done very well in school and university so I fit this.  I liked the fact he mentioned that we are not afraid to judge people.  We are very selective of who our friends will be. We see the faults in others and once that has been identified we want nothing to do with them.  I wish he had mentioned that these types of people are naturally more confident so we just don't need lots of people around us. We don't need people to feel better about ourselves. Our strength comes from within.  In real life we can count our friends on one hand.  And I laughed at the part about everyone else wants friends for dumb things like emotional stability.  The weaklings hehe.  We want people that can give us mental stimulation and have deep meaningful conversations that are our equals. If people do not measure up to our standards then they can't come into our circle.  So here is the video.

Intelligent people have fewer friends. Here's why

Now Chris and I are an INTP/INTJ couple.  So we're one of the coldest pairs out there.  But INTJ's are colder than INTP's and I want to share a funny conversation we had in our room the other night.  I didn't even think about what I replied to him just said it in my normal truthful way and it turned out rather funny but would have "hurt" anyone else I guess. So I was in bed watching stuff. We watch netflix before going to bed.  He came in after doing some stuff in the kitchen and said,
"I'm starting the diet.  I hope it won't be too hard this time."  Without even looking at him and still watching the screen I go,
"It will be hard. It gets harder every time you restart it."  Silence.  I noticed the silence and finally looked at him and he had a sad puppy face.  So I added.  "Well I hope it won't be hard for you. But it probably will be."  Another pause then he goes,
"Thanks Batman."  We both busted out laughing and my reply was, "Can I tell my friends about this conversation."
"Yes go ahead."
"Because this is a great analysis between two NT's."

That's how it really went. And I loved that he called me Batman. It's not an insult. Actually Batman describes me very well if you want a fictional example of what I am like.  I've always cited Mr. Burns as being like me but well I'm not old and rich.  I think Batman is a better example as he says the things I would and he's an easy example for people to understand what I mean. Well so long as they don't think of the friendly 60's Batman.  Hehe no, animated series Batman.  The Dark Knight not the Caped Crusader.

Ok so I've got some new comic pages that will soon be in the works. FBTF mostly. As always I really could use a digital inker. If anyone can help me that's at my level and can follow directions very well please comment and let me know. I could use the help to make things go faster.

I have finished mailing out all the Christmas cards finally.  I still have way too many though.  If anyone didn't get one that's a good friend of mine you can still note me your snail mail address.  I have three international stamps left and more US stamps.  So I'm glad I finished that before the new year.

Ok so I leave you with another Crypt Keeper song.

Scary Little Christmas

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 2:20 PM
Current Mood: Sick
Listening to: Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas
Watching: Wild France by Ray Mears

I'm a bit sick.  Fibro started acting up on me yesterday so I've been very tired and weak.  As well as the usual electrical zaps and joint pain that comes with that.  But I think I am recovering. I was well enough to go out today and be with Chris. Mostly I've been in bed just watching stuff. I tried to draw a bit yesterday and started on something but got too tired to hold a pencil.  But I hope this will pass in a few days. Still I'm thrilled to have gotten two pages done in my comics. I got the next Reengage out here and the next FBTF on the other account.  I think I will skip the next two pages of Renegade because I'm just not seeing them but I see pretty much everything after that.  

Well the reason I am posting this is mostly because I want to share more songs with you guys.  My all time fave Album for Christmas is by the Crypt Keeper and called Have yourself a Scary Little Christmas. Perfect for me who likes scary and disturbing horror things.  So I will post two songs though it was hard to chose as the whole album is just loads of wicked fun.  Deck The Halls With Parts of Charlie and Crypt Keeper's Family Christmas are ones that just have to be shared.


Another wonderful date

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2016, 5:10 PM
Current Mood:   Triumph
Playing: Skyrim as Scary Fear
Listening to: Amon Amarth - On a Sea of Blood

So the last few days have been really nice actually and I was hoping to post a journal yesterday here but I'm glad I didn't have time as now I have more to talk about.  Chris and I had a great date today.  We went off early and since I had taken the trash to the dump yesterday it didn't cut into our time.  We had planned to go to T Mobile and look at phones as well as have lunch at the restaurant Alexanders. We wanted to treat ourselves to some awesome steaks.  But it wasn't open until 11 so we went to Walgreens first and bought some supplies.  I was happy to pick up some new scrunchies as mine were really old and stretching.  Then we went to T Mobile to kill some time.  Chris's phone is old now and having issues charging and receiving calls.  We're the kind that if it works don't fix it so this phone lasted for years and well now it was just time to let it go as things were getting worse and worse on it.  My phone worked fine but I hadn't been happy with the company. You guys know my first one was an Iphone 4 I hated because you couldn't put files on it with a USB and just other user unfriendly issues I hated.  Then I got a Samsung Galaxy S. I was happy with it but this company through AAA autoclub was not good. THey only sell used phones. I figured I'd save money that way and got their highest end phone and things were going well for a while until somehow I went over my minutes. I don't know how as I don't use the phone all that much and I hardly text.  Then I got spam texts and found out I get charged for them. When I went to block the numbers there was no block feature. Ok wtf? So I called the company and asked where the feature was. I didn't like there are never any native speakers at this company. All have bad foreign accents and should speak English better if they're doing tech support.  They said there is no feature and they could give me a new number. No.  So I need a new number every time I get a spam?  I said if they did that I want my local area code too as I am not in the next town over.  They said they couldn't promise me that so I said Good Bye.  Tomorrow I am canceling my service with them as I'm not under any contract.  

So I wanted my own phone and after watching reviews I did want the new Galaxy S7. Like that it's not to big and heavy, you can block spam and it is water resistant.  The TMobile store was a lot of fun.  The two guys that took our orders were fellow N's I could tell and we had so many fast conversations and were multitasking and just neat stuff. One guy was impressed with my art. So Chris go the Samsung Galaxy J7 in white and I got Samsung Galaxy S7 in black. Funny enough we got our opposite colors. I would have loved a white phone but they only had black in my model. He would have liked black but they only had white. Well doesn't matter. We can get covers in any color later on.  The awesome thing I did not know was that with the S7 they were having a deal that you get a free VR when you buy that phone.  Oh man. It's funny because I've never cared about VR. I never would have bought one even if I had the money. Just didn't care. But since this was free yeah sure why not.  And it comes with a promotion of free $50 I can use to buy the games for it. Uh yes ok.  Gift that keeps on giving I see. I'm starting to like Samsung as a company with this kind of customer service. My plan is also unlimited voice and text withing the US, Canada and Mexico.  That's great as those are countries I'm likely to travel to.  It's taken me a while but I've finally got it customized how I want. I have the Stormcrow as my wallpaper and the Phobophile as my lock screen. And I have the techno Jurassic Park as my ringer. OH and I have Bullet my budgie as my text BG.

Awesome stuff today by Leeanix

So in this pic you can see all that neat stuff. I think Chris will post pics of his stuff soon too.  After that we were giddy and I was actually tired because we'd been holding out for lunch and all the fun at this store wore me out. I was weak. We finally got to Alexanders and had a very good lunch. I had the usual Prime Rib and Chris had a Filet Mignon.  This place is heavenly and I rarely react this way about food.  But this is one of those places that makes me so euphoric just from eating.   I stopped at a good place too and wasn't over stuffed when I finished.  I'm very happy with myself right now because I have been very healthy. Actually this year has been excellent for me health wise and I look so good right now I am at my high school weight. I've always been skinny which I'm thankful for but glad to finally be in my ideal range again. I was telling Chris how many women can say they look as good after 20 years of marriage. :D   So then I used my new phone and called the print company where I had placed my order for my cards last Monday.  The guy said he had JUST finished printing them.  AWESOME!!  I told him we'd be right over. We were only five minutes away and I got 50 lovely cards of Scary Fear to send out to my friends.  I filled one of the cards out and delivered it in person to my friend that owns a jewelry shop just five minutes from the print shop. This day was just going perfect.  Then after that we were free and though it was a bit of work I told Chris way may as well go to the other house and try to bring home some small furniture.  

When we got to the other house there was a car. We hoped it was a potential customer checking out the house.  It was not but it was the cleaning lady my realtor hired so it was nice to meet her and see she was cleaning up the house. Now that it's empty and only furniture is left it is time to do cleaning like sweeping and mopping.  She told me I had a beautiful house and it should sell very well. I hope so.  Guys pray my house gets sold by the 31st.   I told her if she needed cleaning supplies to help herself to the ones in the laundry room.  She could even have them. She got so happy about that. I felt like I had paid her. I had no idea that would make her so happy but well I really don't need them and we need them out of the house so win win there.  Then we went home and we've been resting the rest of the day.

Art wise I am working on Renegade. I don't have much motivation but I only have Gallemotch left to color.  His flats are done so the shades will be next.  I need to finish this page this month then get back to focus on more fun things.  Oh speaking of George you guys might have noticed I changed my icon again.  Gamma and I have been talking and she noticed if I had changed this account to George all our main accounts would feature the Triangulum Resistance group.  So yes here are our four bad boys as of this posting.


If you guys watch my scraps you'd have seen I posted this funny sign I came across.

I am near Ottawa today! by Thagirion

Read the description to see how wrong it was about me. If you look at my profile I have temporarily posted it there and it still says I'm in Ottawa and it does for Chris too. It's WAY off. What city does it say for you and is it right or wrong?  I'm taking it down in a few days since it's just so wrong.  And this reminds me I've started watcher clean out and have been removing inactive watchers and people that just don't deserve to be here.  In my last post you guys saw I made a reference to the movie Home Alone 2.  Or you might not have known it was that.  In both Home Alone movies there are fake movies the main character is watching.  Part one is called Angles with Filthy Souls and part two is Angels with Filthier Souls.  They are cheesy gangster movies and I actually wish they were real. If they were real I would watch them. I like Angles with Filthier Souls better and here's the clip.

Gosh I LOVE this gangster and can relate to him so much.  He's smart and knows who will try to betray him before it happens. So he destroys them with his tommy gun before they ever get that chance.  This one is great because it was during Christmas and hence last journal's quote of, "Merry Christmas ya flithy animal. And a Happy New Year."

And years ago I made this pic adding text to the screen cap. I made this back in 2008.

"Get down on yer knees and tell me you love me."

This guy's an awesome super villain.  Like I said I wish these were real gangster movies. I'd buy them and watch them.

Ok last thing I want to talk about for tonight. SKyrim. I'm so happy so many of you in the pack are playing it.  I'm still playing as Scary Fear. I need to upload my other screen caps. I said I would and got behind on that.  RollerTroller, I think one thing you'd like in this game is there's mining. If you have a pick axe you can mine minerals if you find them outside or in caves. You can also find rocks and minerals in crates and sometimes on enemies you kill. You can use them in smelters and turn them into ingots then they make different types of armor and weapons.  In this game I like collecting gold ore and gold ingots. I need to find places to display it in my house.  There's also malachite and emerald which are pretty green.  :iconperegrinefalconlady: you mentioned you're playing it. I'd love to hear about your adventures. Who you are and what you're doing. Feel free to ask me any questions.  And I know AudeS has a cool game going with his kajit.  I need to post my gear and show what it all does.  Right now I'm playing the download Solstheim and enjoying that. Though I like having a follower I'm now playing the game solo as I'm too powerful and dangerous to have a follower.  My style of playing is casting Fear on enemies then chasing them with lightning and leaving them a pile a dust.  I have spells like chain lightning and wall of storms.  All of which are deadly to friends and foes.  I've had to reload my game too many times because I've accidentally killed Janessa too many times or caused her to run away in fear.  Actually I loved the first thing she ever said to me when I hired her. "I know nothing of fear." I just smiled and thought, "Oh really? I shall be happy to teach you then."  And she was sad when I dismissed her. I wish I could remember what she said.  Something like, "I was hoping we could have traveled together more. If you need me you know where to find me." I don't remember too much now but hope to play again and mention more adventures and get videos or pics of the cool things Fear does.

Watcher clean out and what I've been up to

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 9:04 AM
Current Mood: Accomplished
Playing: Skyrim as Scary Fear
Listening to: Powerwolf - Out in the Fields
Drinking: Water

It's that time of year again. I will be doing a watcher clean out again this month. I will be removing dead accounts and ghost watchers. So if you have not been active and commented to me you will no longer be watching me. Not the other way around.  You'll lose all my art you had in your faves. If you do not want to be removed not only must you comment  nicely on this journal but you must prove over time you will be active with quality comments to my art and/or journals.  Those of you that say "Don't remove me." and then I don't see anything more will still get removed. If you try to argue with me then you won't last and will just be blocked. No loss as I never saw you around anyway. The loss will be yours not mine. If you're on my friends widget you're safe so please don't as "Is it me?" That's annoying and I consider you for the chopping block if you do that.  This doesn't mean you have to comment on everything but I do expect to see you around from time to time if you're my watcher.  This is the only warning for both this account and my other account.  I have already removed several accounts as is.  Oh also if you've recently added me don't worry. I have to give you a chance to say something so you're not on the removal list.  Now to the actual post.

I'm disappointed DA has taken down the buy one get one free already.  WTF?  I hope they bring it back. It's supposed to be for Christmas right? I wanted to buy accounts for my friends but wanted to wait til Christmas came around. It's too early for that now.  They've always had a great buy one get one free. That's how I racked up the years to become a Til Hell Freezes Over member.  But last year they didn't do it and it just hasn't been as good. I do hope they have something nice for Christmas.

I've been practicing my parking with my Jeep.  Mainly parking in reverse. Something I've always been amazed by anyone that can do it. I never could.  Well since I've been going to my other house and have to load up I figured I'd try as it saves me from walking around the vehicle with heavy stuff.  Of course I did terrible the first few times. Went in the grass, almost took out the tree and had to correct multiple times.  But I'm happy I'm getting better at it and also helps I have a short vehicle.  I still have not perfected it and would never try this in a parking lot with other cars. I'll never master it, but for driveways with no traffic I'm happy that I am improving. It's not something they taught in drivers ed so I had to do this self taught.  I still want to go to that driving school in Atlanta sometime and learn to drive a stick shift.

I'm very happy you guys like my new drawing of Dawn of Fear. I want to talk about it a little since there's been some misunderstandings. The story is new so I have not revealed everything yet. But for some reason people are missing the fact this story is about LIFE and DEATH.  I don't know how that can be missed when it is Stated in the description. Life may not be recognizable but how can you question the other is Death with the cloak and huge scythe...and description.  Next. The planet. It is NOT the earth.  Never have the continents in Earth's history looked like the ones I drew.  It is the first planet of life.  So this takes place not long after the start of the universe.  That will be shown on page 1 of the comic but yeah it's not the Earth.  Lastly, I don't do symbolism. I leave that type of thing to the NF's.  My art is a blunt and straight forward as I am. What you see is what you get. A war between Life, Death and Fear over a young tiny planet.  That's all there is to it.  No hidden meanings.  You can see everything the story is about on the cover.  This is also why I didn't bother to draw any space craft as this planet never reaches space craft technology let alone even air craft technology. City building is as far as it progresses and they won't even be cities like you might think.  IF for some reason I decided to have symbolism, which I hate, I'd probably explain what it all means in the description anyway.

I'm still playing Skyrim whenever I get the chance.  I still haven't had much chance to do fun this for myself but I think I may be getting a breather this month.  I finally have Fear how I want him in the game. I have his final outfit and I'm quite powerful with my lighting and fear spells. It's a lot of fun.  At first I was thinking to only stick to electricity as my main power.  But I had to remember Fear's infamous catch phrase. "What powers will you give me tonight?"  Fear can use ANYthing so long as his victim is afraid of it. That means yeah, I am free to use ice and fire too if it gets me the end result I need. A sprigan is after me? Shoot her with fire. It is what she fears most.  Electricity is merely his inherent power and what he can use if someone has no fear.  I have a few pics to share from the game.

In the eyes of Fear by roundularman Overlooking his domain by roundularman Final Gear by roundularman My background on PS4 by roundularman

First pic is Scary Fear in the shadows. I managed to get the white eye glow in his hood. I love that this happens in this game as it does in my art. He looks creepy here.  A pic of him at the very top of a mountain. It's too bad his hood is the wrong color but I need that one for the effect it gives him. No cost for Illusion or destruction spells.   I'm level 50 now btw and very powerful. I can take ancient dragons down with just my electricity.  So this is his final look.  Third pic is a view of Fear crouched. I just thought he looked very good this way.  I just love the pic over all and wanted to share. The last pic is a screen cap of my animated death background for my PS4.  I'm thinking of making Death's scythe in my comic look like this one instead. I'm still undecided on that.

I've started inking the next page of Renegade. I need to finish it before the end of the month. That's the goal. What the next page looks like I have no idea yet and kind of why I have been stuck on this comic. I know what happens the page after that and perhaps I should just skip it then? What do you guys think? It's brought the whole comic to a halt because of that one unseen page but I know the rest and how it ends so it may be best to just skip the darn thing. It's another chorus anyway so same text as the last one. So thought I have started colors on FBTF and made progress on it I think I need to set it aside and focus on Renegade.  Triangulum Resistance needs some attention too.

I'm very excited that the new GoPro came out last Oct.  GoPro Hero 5 black. They did away with all the black white and silver models. I'm glad so the only one that's out is the one with the most advanced features. I love the review I watched. I did not like the 4 when it was new and though my biggest complaint is the changed the shape of the batter (so my old battery collection can't be used) all the good features really out weigh that minor complaint. If the batter holds more charge than the old one then well it is an improvement then.  There is only one concern I have. With the screen being on the back now how can you put a floaty door on it? I need to have it float if it is going under water with me. I do have a floating handle but I'd rather the camera have it's own float like the older versions have. So perhaps this is something I'll get for Christmas. Here is a review.

Ok here are some pics from the trip we did to the Big Bend power plant a few days ago.

Observation tower by Sorath-Rising Big Bend in the distance. by Sorath-Rising Groundsel tree flowers close by Sorath-Rising

The observation tower at one of the nature trails at Big Bend. This was so nice. The second pic is a view from the tower. I want to go kayaking out there. I will some time.  The last pic is of a groundsel tree. They are in bloom right now and have these soft fluffy flowers that go flying everywhere.  They're so neat and fun to touch.

Jurassic Park arcade by Sorath-Rising Yellow rumped warbler by Sorath-Rising DJI Phantom by Sorath-Rising

Here is the awesome Jurassic Park arcade we saw on our date. This entire arcade was just so fun to walk around and look at all the games. I do want to go out there and play this some time. What a shame it's so far from VENICE.  A joke between AudeS and I.  At least it's not in Jupiter ;P  The warblers are down for the winter. This one is a yellow rumped warbler. One of the most common flitty birds you see this time of year. And I got a pic of someone flying a cool quad copter in a parking lot. I can tell this is one of the nice DJI phantoms.

Ok last thing I want to talk about for now. I want to try my hand at a new art form. I'm always unsure about trying new art that I know nothing about. I don't know what I'm doing or where to start. I want to make another Scary Fear plush completely from scratch. I have a feeling I'd be good at it and could make him real nice and based on the current Scary Fear I have.  I know you have to draw a simplified pattern. I'm not sure how to draw that yet or how I want the pieces to go together. :iconkaryl-delta: if you have any advice to give me since you know about sewing let me know. I don't have a sewing machine and know it will be harder doing it by hand but that's what I will try.

EDIT:  Ok want to share a Billy Joel song. Not metal this time but classic rock. I think this is from the 80s. I love Billy Joel. Was a major fan in the 80s and 90s of his. Even named my beloved blue and gold after him.  So here's the song Big shot.  One of my fave lines of all time that I use often is in that song. "Go and cry in your coffee but don't come bitchin' to me." I think you guys can appreciate that line for the in joke it has surely become now.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal. Gangster fella (Actions) by Ehsartem And a Happy New Year Gangster fella (Actions) by Ehsartem

Happy Thanksgiving

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 23, 2016, 7:08 PM
Early Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Chris got today and tomorrow off. Today was our first full Wed together in months. Weds is usually our day off and we haven't had a full day off in a very long time. Today we went to the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach.  It's been very cold the last few nights and we though the manatees might be there. Well it had warmed up nicely so there weren't many but it was still nice. We walked around the trails and the part we had not yet seen. We went up to the observation tower and took some photos. I will upload those perhaps tomorrow.  I may edit this post if I do so watch for that update.  So that was a lot of fun. Tomorrow we plant to just be together here at home and take it easy. I really don't want to go anywhere. I had my fill of being out today and it was great to get out.

Things have been hectic to say the least, but despite everything that's been going on I still can find time to count my blessings.  I'm mostly looking at the little things that I'm thankful on a daily basis.  I am thankful for my wonderful husband who stands with me through everything. He's been very supportive with what has been going on lately.  I've really needed him and we've been there for each other.  I'm thankful for my awesome friends here. You guys rock. I've pretty much promoted all of you here so you know why you rock and why I appreciate you guys.  Your support has meant a lot for me too. I always enjoy talking with you as that is just so much fun. I'm thankful for the many wonderful skills and talents I have and am happy to share them here and on my other online hang outs. I'm thankful I have a little bit of time and am enjoying drawing, writing and brainstorming my stories.  I'm very thankful for my new Jeep. I have been without a working vehicle for far too long and it's so nice to have my wings again even if all I've been using them for is work. I can't wait to just use the Jeep for fun once this period of my life is over. I'm thankful that my awesome country seems to be headed back in the right direction again and I hope that things will turn around for our great nation.  Thanksgiving isn't just a holiday about eating. The reason for it must not be lost that it is an American holiday about the founding of our country and the Pilgrims coming here in search of religious freedom to worship God without persecution. Escaping that persecution from England and surviving the harsh winters in the New World is what they gave thanks to God for.  That's the short short version and why we celebrate this holiday.

I had time to edit a video the other day so here is the intro to my Jeep.

That's all for now. I may post the pics of our day at the Manatee center tomorrow.

To Skyrim!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2016, 2:16 PM
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Playing: Skyrim as Scary Fear
Drinking: Sprite
Listening to:

So despite being so busy with thing I have managed to find small amounts of time to work on art. I've drawing two scenes from the short story from Triangulum Resistance. I'm currently working on the cover art for Dawn of Fear.   It's a comic I hope I can finish all the pencil art for first before putting up any pages though I haven't drawn anything for it in weeks.  But I am impressed with this cover so far.  I hope I can color the characters as nicely as I have the background. Yet another metal inspired drawing.  I had two great dreams last night. Please read about them here.…
If you have LJ please comment there.

Ok so I want to share this video of Scary Fear in Skyrim. They are some cinemas of kill shots and critical shots. I was using my magic and my lightning staff.

Last night I crafted all his gear but his dagger.  It took forever grinding levels in alchemy, smithing and enchanting but at last that is done.  If you're just starting out no matter what kind of build you want you should focus on these three things first to get your perfect set of armor/clothes and weapons.  I'll post my gear on Roundularman soon. I'm sure you guys might like some of the names and see if you guys catch the references I used. Oh :iconrollertroller699: I know you just started out but hope you wrote down your sliders. It's a good idea to do so if you like the custom character you made.  I wrote the sliders for Scary Fear on LJ so you can check that out there.
Not much else to update on.

Had a good Halloween

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2016, 4:02 PM
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Playing: Skyrim as Fear

So I worked a little bit in the morning.  I went all dressed up as Dr. Grant. That was fun.  I didn't really meet other people so no one recognized who I was. Since the outfit is normal clothes I had a feeling no one would despite wearing my JP ID tags and raptor claw.  Once my Jeep is painted up I think that will change.  I met with my realtor and she helped me out with some things. She got a real kick out of my costume at least.  Then I came home and Chris did too about the same time.  We had to done one boring thing. Since his birthday is Oct we had to go to the DMV and renew his tag. Naturally it was a long wait and the order they called all the numbers made absolutely no sense. I hate going there but I accompanied him because it's less boring together.  So we finally got that out of the way at least.  So I came home and started to carve my Scary Fear pumpkin but didn't finish. Was getting hungry. So we dressed up and I drove us to IHOP. I'd been so looking forward to this as last year it was great.  But this year none of the employees dressed up.  One asked us if we were going to a Halloween party.  Why do adults have to go to a party if they dress up? No we just wanted to dress up because we're celebrating Halloween and to have fun.  So unfortunately that part was boring and the food wasn't that great. Last year was way better so that was disappointing.  As we were leaving a big family came in and they were dressed up at least. One guy was a shark and I think one of them recognized me because he kept looking like he was trying to remember where he'd seen my character. But we left and didn't say much to them.  So we came home and I finished my awesome pumpkin though.   The day was good and well the last three days have been great. I can't wait to have some free time. I know it's on the horizon.  Those of you on LJ please check my posts. I've added some updates and there's some good news.  It's been great spending so much time together but because Chris missed so much work he's going to have to work some on Wed which is usually our day off. I guess I'll work too.  Nov 1st is always such a let down day after the fun of Oct and then the big fun on Halloween. Everything is subdued and in a way like a good party just ended.  Thanksgiving is not as fun.  Did lots of driving today and that's the reason for the sleepy eagle icon.  I really just want to play Skyrim right now and get back to my art.  But I'm thankful for all the nice things that have been happening.  Life is still good.

Hurricane Mathew

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 7:07 AM
Hey everyone. Well this account is not dead. I promise I will have art for here eventually.  I haven't been on much still dealing with stuff and may disappear again for a few days.  Wanted to let you guys know we are ok in the hurricane.  Seems it will miss Tampa. It's lightly raining right now.  Looks like it changed course and we're now just outside the bands.

Look out Daytona Beach!  Last night it was much further south near Miami and it reminded me of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 especially because schools are closed today. I heard it on the radio they were closing schools then they played the song We Don't Need No Education which I thought was funny. I know kids love that. I sure loved getting a day off and hearing anti school songs like that back then. Andrew shut down my school so I was happy about that though we only got heavy rains but no real danger or damage.  Andrew was the last major hurricane we've had as it flattened Miami.  Nothing like that since but we'll see where Mathew makes landfall. Mathew is a cat 4 just like Andrew was. So similar.  Funny I'm totally not afriad. I have all my supplies and I'm home now though Chris is working. How he can find leaks when it's raining I don't know so I'm hoping it will be a short work day for him and we can just have a nice day off together.  Personally have had 3 days off and have really needed them.  If all is well tomorrow though I have to get back to it.  We don't get snow days here in Florida. We get Hurricane Days though they are few and far between which is both good and bad.

I hope to promote my friends soon. It's that time again but I think I should do it on Leeanix.  Doing it here would be like preaching to the choir.  My audience over there is different so yes I hope to find time to do that soon. I just made a journal over there so no need to push it out just yet.

I want to share another song that I'm majorly loving. This one doesn't fit any of my stories I just like it. But it's one of those that I hear differently than what is said. Bringer of Light by Damnation Angels.

I keep hearing "Bringer of Lies". I like that better. The song is about a reluctant hero but it's so powerful if you're not paying attention you'd never know it from the feeling you get.
So like I said on my other journal I hope to post OC Fear art here at some point. Mostly Triangulum Resistance, the revised OC version of To Vanquish Fear and Dawn of Fear. Again so many ideas so little time.

And I want to share the famous raptor call that's a call to arms from Jurassic Park.

Not much else to talk about. Even the rain seems to have stopped now.  It's Friday so I'm glad of that.

Tomorrow is Bullet's Birthday

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 16, 2016, 5:25 PM
Tomorrow Sept 17 is my budgie girl's birthday. Or hatch day if you prefer that.
Baby budgie hatched 9/17/13 Day 1 by Sorath-Rising

That's her baby pic.  She'll be 3 and a middle aged budgie. So if she were human I guess she'd be 40.  I will take pics of her and post them soon. I will go out and buy her a new toy as well. She needs a new one to rip up as her last one is basically destroyed.
:iconwhtlacewingbudgieplz: :cake: Budgie party!

I may or may not be online much in the next few days. I have a job I need to take care of that is out of town and I probably won't have internet. Those of you on LJ know the details of what's going on with all of that.  I'll be happy when I can get this over with because again I don't have time for art though I soooo want to work on art. I'm filled with so much inspiration and ideas that I wish I had time to work on.  

I did start to work on FBTF again so the first frame is almost colored.  I can't wait to start work on Fear's true story line.  It's such a unique thing. So far only Chris knows about that one. All I'll say is it is totally not fandom based.  I have ideas for the Triangulum Resistance game too I hope to draw at some point.  And on a totally different note I have some really neat ideas for a Jurassic Park story art based kind of like I'm doing with Pyranax's Flight of Fire.  Speaking of Pyranax. I haven't forgotten him. I think about him everyday. Yet another project I can't wait to get back to work on once this real life stuff is resolved.

I watched a movie on Netflix the other day called The Wave. It's a Norwegian movie with English subtitles. It's a disaster film and it was very well done. The intro was slow but at least it wasn't annoying family drama or environmental guilt trips that American movies have.  It was just about a geologist watching the fault line that had to warn the village if the mountain ever fell into the fjord which of course it does and the town gets nailed by an awesome tsunami.  I thought the effects were well done and there was good action and tension in this film.  I showed Chris the best parts and he liked it.  I loved the water effects to the point that...again if I can find some time I'd love to draw a destructive tidal wave as I've never drawn that kind of water before. I know it will be hard and I don't know if I can even do it.  But would be cool to have it be one of my Fear drawings. Hydrophobia perhaps.  So anyway good movie. I like movies that don't have an agenda.  

I'm behind on so much stuff. i have so many photos I need to upload from my last two trips. We'll see how this weekend goes for me.  I know we have two seasons left but I'm ready to be over with this year.  I'm looking forward to Halloween and Chris's birthday before that.

OK here is the video of Bullet and her gifts. She is so brave.

I Finally Got My Jeep and DA warnings

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2016, 5:47 AM
Ok at last I got my Jeep Fri Aug 5, 2016.  Chris was home when they called and of course I wanted to pick it up right away.  It was raining and I was a bit worried about that but luckily things cleared up by the time I went to drive it. I put my down payment on it and they gave me the keys.  I'm still getting used to it though.  Here are some photos.

Jeep Wrangler Sahara by Sorath-Rising My New Jeep by Sorath-Rising Hazy day at the dump 1 by Sorath-Rising Hazy Day at the dump 2 by Sorath-Rising

My Jeep is a Sahara model.  It's very nice and I love the new car smell.  I love the big tires.  The last two photos were my trip to the local dump.  I enjoy going there actually because there's so much wild life. I get great photos of birds like vultures and water birds.  But look at the nasty weather. It's been raining here for 4 days straight. It's raining today. I hate the rain when it comes to driving. But luckily this vehicle handles it way better than my Camaro did.  I was always scared and avoided rain with the Camaro.  With this Jeep though it is way less scary and much safer.

Fear in My Jeep by Leeanix

I know that's a terrible photo but look how cool. I put my art onto the nav system and now Fear shows up when listening to music.  I love that apart from the horrible resolution this screen has. It's all pixely. I will get an updated pic.  So the point of this Jeep is to turn it into a Jurassic Park Jeep.  It will be a slow change because it's expensive.
"Is it heavy?"
"Then it's expensive. Put it down."  :XD:

So far the only other custom thing is my JP hang tag on my mirror with my 93 on it.
Unfortunately I haven't really gotten to have fun with my Jeep yet.  Now that I have it I have to work more.  I'm still not back. I just wanted to let you guys know the good news.  But now I have to drive everywhere to deal with annoying issues.  I wish I could just take it to the park and go bird watching but I can't.  All my daylight hours are pretty much booked 9-5.  Last night was fun coming on DA, catching up on some comments and things felt normal again for a time. But then I remembered I have lots to do so that's it for play time now.

But first let me post some things about DA.  My buddy :iconstrikerprime: sent me a note last month asking for help as his friend :iconperfectchaos22: had been banned from DA for no reason.  He's never been a troll or done anything nasty but his account was suddenly gone.  I recommended they used the email since the account was gone and it boils down to he had a password similar to what some spammer did and was nailed.  Luckily it was cleared up.  Here is his journal if you want to see in detail what happened.

Everyone.....I'm back.....And I have a storyOK to catch you up, a day ago, my account was deactivated around early in the morning, I got a PM saying,.....
"A member of DeviantArt staff has indefinitely banned your account. As this is an indefinite ban, it will not expire."
"The administrator also added the following comment: Spammer."

After reading that, my account was deactivated, all my pics and stuff were gone and I was unable to comment and all my comments turned to spam as you saw....pretty nasty transformation eww .
So yeah, I was basically a ghost that was haunting the outer world of DeviantArt, while doing so, I saw how many of you instantly noticed what was going on and how many of you got upset and tried to get answers.....that really touched me.....crying fella (Reactions) ......I feel so fortunate to have all of you guys and gals as friends.
OK, I'm going to explain what happened. I got an e-mail from a DA Mod and he...or sh

I don't know how to prevent this.  Just bad luck if you have a password that some bad guys also have but be warned this could be a reason if your account ups and vanishes.
Most of you know :icongamma-wings: was locked out of hers because a cell phone glitch. DA took their sweet time. I was about to write them myself over that one.  So be careful about logging in on too many different devices.

Lastly the new badge. You guys know I had a hard time getting the stupid thing on my two accounts. This one and :iconleeanix: .  Luckily I was told you have to hit the submit button ON the journal. Not the one at the top of the page which is what everyone uses.  So if you haven't gotten your badge try again using this journal.…
I find it really stupid it's that specific of directions. Actually there are no directions. They said in the rules

Upload your finished work as a deviation to: Community Projects > Holidays > 2016 > 16th Birthday Coloring Challenge.

I did that. It did not say "By only using the button on our journal" :roll:  I'm not the only one having trouble. Lots of people were. So now you know how to get it.  I was going to delete mine but people liked my annoyed descriptions so I decided to just move them to scraps in time. I do like the colorful badge and think it's a good idea for their birthday.

Ok I think that's all. I need to get back to boring mundane stuff now so still I probably won't be able to comment or reply to everything.  I look forward to when I can.

Help out a friend

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2016, 4:50 AM
Hey guys. Short update on what's been going on. But first would you please help vote for my friend :iconkaryl-delta:?  This is the pic she has entered in a contest
THE SPELL by Karyl-Delta

Here is the link to the poll…

Let me know if that's right.

As for myself I'm super busy with real life.  Legal stupidity and literal messes I have to deal with.  I'm driving for hours everyday now and it's exhausting.  I just don't have time for art or fun time online. I wish I did.  I have so much stuff I need to color that will be awesome once done.  But despite the annoying things things are actually going well. Chris has gotten lots of jobs and we're doing very well financially.  Today is a day off for us, but well it will be spent doing chores and legal work. :roll:  But we'll be together so that is something to look forward to.

And I want to say this now in case I don't have time tomorrow but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome friend :iconactipton80:  Yes you can consider the cute budgie pillow I gave you an early B Day gift. I hope you have a nice time. I love your birthday is on 4th.  So it's also another monthly anniversary for us.  I guess we should try to sort of celebrate that today as we won't be able to tomorrow.

So yes again I have seen your deviations and some journals. I'm very sorry I have not commented and don't know when or if I can. I hate that but I know you guys understand that real life has to come first. Note me if I need to be aware to something important in your lives.

Photo mode in Doom

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 10:58 AM
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Playing: Doom 2016
Listening to: Icewind Blast - Coming to the Deadline

Still dealing with a bunch of stressful real life stuff.  But other than that things are good.  There's also the "good" stress that I enjoy like getting things organized for my trip in 2 weeks.  Pretty much all the important stuff is taken care of.  We have a lot of bird distribution to do.  Bullet and Randy are going to my inlaws.  Chickens are going to Chris's cousin.  And the rest are going to a pet sitting place.  I still would like for all the cockatiels to be gone before all of this but we'll see if that happens.  

So the giant budgie arrived the other day.  I love this thing.

Giant budgie arrives! by Sorath-Rising Budgies and Fear by Sorath-Rising

I'd like to order the green version but I don't know if it will make it here before I leave so I think I will hold off on ordering that one.
The first patch/upgrade whatever came out yesterday for Doom.  The only difference I noticed right away is when you get hit an arrow comes out showing the direction of the attack. I've played other games that do that but think it's unnecessary for this. I'll get used to it. There's the option to center the weapon so it look like the first Doom. I tried that and died too much. I can't play like that.  So won't be using that option. The only new option that's just incredible is a photo mode in Mission Select. You can't do it in normal game play I found out but in missions you've beaten you can use this.  Basically what it does is stop time.  There are options for you to change settings like it were a real camera. I just leave everything focuses and pulled out because I've never been a fan of fancy effects in photos. I like photos to be a documentation of actual events. It should look just like it does in real life or in this case virtual life.  So I leave everything else default.  I have had way too much fun with this. I feel like I am at a park taking pics of the wild life and hoping for cool things to happen so I can get great action shots.  I posted 10 photos today to Roundularman who has  new icon btw :iconroundularman:  Yes it's Pyranax. Been wanting to make an icon of him.  Here are the pics and I definitely will take more and upload more.

Agile Imp by roundularman Imp powers up by roundularman Bringer of the Fire Storm by roundularman Strongest Fire Ball by roundularman

So these are all awesome pics of an imp powering up his fire in different ways.  I need to draw Pyranax using his fire.  Well these are great refs as now I know what shapes the flames make. The last one is my all time fave. He looks so confident and wicked there.

Missle in your face by roundularman In your face Mancubus by roundularman Ride the Cacodemon by roundularman Plasma ball on the way by roundularman

A revanant firing a missile.  Wow what an awesome capture. And an imp is with him in the background.  Close up of a Mancubus. Yes they're so ugly but this is a great ref for me for when I draw the one in my story.  And my beloved Cacodemons.  I love the overhead view because who hasn't dreamt of riding one. This is what it would look like.

Cacos team up by roundularman Wrong side of the teeth by roundularman

More Cacos and I try to get very interesting perspectives.  The inside of the mouth of one is definitely something few see.  This really reminds me of :iconkillerpumpkins:'s awesome drawing called Waiting for the Children. It's not on DA but you can see it on his site here.…

Got a cute gift art from :iconinspire-shrike: of my sassy budgie girl Bullet.

Don't Lie to Me by Inspire-Shrike

I liked this. So cute to see art of my budgie. Bullet is doing good. She's been friendly to me lately and giving kisses. Kind of out of character but I'm glad. I need to film her because she's not at all afraid of the giant budgie and kisses it.

The Red Dragon

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 23, 2016, 5:41 AM
Current Mood: Curious
Playing: Doom

Ok I was going through :iconinspire-shrike:'s profile on my morning rounds.  I do my best to stop by the profiles of my closest friends here as often as possible to see what new things have changes as far as stamps but also to make sure all is well for them.  I saw she had  a quiz about what color dragon are you.  I smiled because I used to take these kinds of quizes all the time in the 00's on LJ and have taken several dragon quizes. The amazing thing about dragon quizes for me is I always ALWAY get Red Dragon.  Before I post the results here I want to post my answers for once.

1. I live in a tropical climate
2. I am a scientist by occupation (I am. I have a degree)
3. Favorite color is blue. Turquoise specifically. The color of this journal.
4. Hobbies are the arts like drawing, sculpting, writing and muisc. (bass player)
5. My diet mostly consists of high protein low carb (meat and veggies)  I prefer seafood but it's expensive.
6. I have a close circle of friends.
7. I am slow to anger but have a fiery temper once it gets going. (Stubborn, determined and quite also fits)
8. I collect specialty items like budgie figures, action figures, glass pumpkins. Very specialty as I'm a nerd.

Ok so I thought the blue question would screw up my results.  And here's what I got.

What dragon color are you?

Red Dragon again. Gosh yes I'm so consistent and this fits me perfectly.  I have a stamp faved on my other account that says "Best friend you'll ever have or last enemy you'll ever make."  That's true.  I'm a great ally and a terrible enemy.  Best be on my good side.  And I have come to realize I am a protector. Why would I make my rounds to all of your profiles and make sure things are peaceful and no bad eggs have added them to their watch?  If I see trouble I'll step in.  Like the stupidity with my friends' art recently.  If you didn't see that journal it's on Leeanix.  This site is nice because it had a section on what red represents in other cultures and it is very fascinating.

Symbolism of the Color Red

Red has a rich, visual spectrum, so it has a complex and intricate symbolic meaning.  Red symbolizes everything from passion, love, and sex to blood, wounds, death, and fertility. It can even represent anger, aggression, danger, warning, and protection.

Red is the color of blood and one of the primary colors of fire.  Jung believed that this is why red is linked to surging, tearing emotions like anger and love.  Other associations include the sun, masculinity, passion, energy, and war.  The connection with life and warmth derive from red's blood and fire,  while its association with war and death come from red's connection to spilled blood, menstruation, and the blood of the placenta after giving birth.

In Paleolithic times, red ochre was mined and ground into powder. Anthropologists believe that people imbued this powder with life-giving powers.

To the Celtics, red symbolized death and the afterlife.  The ancient Anglo-Saxons saw red as a protective color that could be used to ward off evil.  Warriors covered their weapons with red paint to endow them with magical powers, and red paint and markings afford trees and animals protection.

Some Aboriginal groups in Australia utilized red as a protective color. For other Australian Aboriginal peoples, red symbolizes the land and earth.

In China, red is regarded as an auspicious color  because red symbolizes love and fertility.  Traditional wedding gowns and veils in China are red.  Red eggs are offered to a couple when a child is born. Red is often used in festivals because it represents good luck and celebration.  Among the five elements, red is associated with the element of Fire and the direction of South. [3] The poetical expression of 'the mark of the vermillion pencil' refers to documents written with red ink by the Emperor.

Other societies associate red with love and fertility. A practice that still remains in Greece, Albania, and Armenia is that of the flammeum, a veil that brides wrap around themselves as a symbol of fertility and protection. This practice can be traced back to the times of Ancient Rome, although some sources report that the flammeum actually was colored an orange-yellow, the color of a candle flame.

In Ancient Egypt, red symbolized the destructive god Set.  The Ancient Egyptians used an expression roughly translated as 'making red' to mean murdering someone, and an evil act or plot would be called 'red affairs.'  Scribes would use a special red ink when writing words of warning or ill-omen.  Similarly, in the Hebrew tradition, red symbolized both the sin and the sacrifice for the sin.

In Western Europe, red indicates or highlights danger. Red also relates anger and aggression, from its association with Mars, the Roman god of War. Modern western usage of red also includes high energy, high speed,  low-levels of fuel, and high levels of danger ('red alert').

For the Apache red symbolized victory and success, and it was also the color of the East.

In India, red symbolizes purity,  but also sexual passion.  In South Africa, red is the color of mourning.

In Feng Shui, red is a color of the element Fire, and it is of the active Yang aspect. It promotes money and good luck and symbolizes respect and vitality.

Modern psychology has found that red stimulates brain wave activity and the heart rate. In some cases, it can even increase blood pressure.  Modern politics associates red with Communism.

I'm glad they mention Jung early on. I am a fan of his works.  Jung was very smart. He was a former student of Froid and left him because his philosophies were so wrong.  I must agree as I do not like Foid and he focused on much on sexual meanings when there was no such thing.   I think he was the sex crazed person to see these things where they were not.  I think it was also his ideas there were only two personalities A and B. WTF? Sorry humans are way more complex than that. Jung set the ground work for Myers Birggs with 16 types and great variation within the 16 types hence all the confusing percents and secondary functions. Two ENTJ's won't be exactly alike now.  It's believed Jung was INTP which for me is even better.  But back to red dragons. I could go on and on about personality types. I've been taking these quizes since the 00's and though they are silly and not meant to be real I am amazed that for me the result have been rather consistent and Red Dragons do fit my personality well.

The other night I had a very cute dream. I dreamt I heard a chicken outside my window and when I looked there was a red hen.  OMG, was Henrietta back?  Henrietta for those that don't know was my first chicken. She was a Rhode Island Red that I loved for being so smart but was also the biggest pain of a pet I have ever had. She was driving me mad by the end of things by demanding to only live in the house, only lay eggs in the house, having a special nest in the house, constantly screaming, demanding to come in through the front door for bugs 3 times a day and hopping the fence even if I had clipped her wings.  Her nick name became Your Highness and Your Majesty.  But I miss her. But no more Rhode Islands.  Anyway I think this was her so I went outside but this hen's face was different. Much smaller. This was not henrietta.  I sat down Indian Style on the paver and she came right over to me. Oh I LOVE friendly hens.  I gave her a hug and she hugged me back by putting her neck over my left shoulder. OMG!!  A hen that hugged me back. I LOVEd it.  The dream felt great.  That's all it was but it was so nice. I wish I had a real huggy hen.

Last night's dream was exciting.  My normal dreams are nightmares to normal people.  All I'll say it involved a huge brown bear getting devoured by crocodiles. It was extremely bloody and violent and I was fascinated. Not afraid at all.  Some crocs died before he was taken down in very disgusting ways.  But then it became a stupid dream of me being lost at school (WTF? I graduated 14 years ago) and the hallways kept changing shape and color so there's no way to get a sense of direction.  Now to me that's a stressful dream and those are my "nightmares" now.  Lame! So funny that when it comes to monster dreams I am not afraid.

Lastly that giant budgie I ordered is in town. I should get it today. I can't wait. This is so exciting. I'll definitely take pics and post them. I need to update Sorath anyway as that account has lots of pics I'm backed up on.